The company Vengo was established in 1995. Vengo is a large wholesale, logistics and production company selling nonfood and food products in markets of Baltic,Scandinavian, Poland, Germany and Russia.

Vengo Ltd. has rich experience in delivery of personalized products; we provide 50% of personalized product delivery in markets of the Baltic States, nonfood product group.
In the Baltic customers of the company Vengo are such largest sales networks as Rimi, Super Netto, Sāāstu Market, Rkiosk, Narvesen, Maxima, Circle K, Viada Baltija, 7-Eleven, Mego, Beta, Aibe, Top, Elvi, Lats, Depo, Kesko Senukai, Krūza, Daisena, Selver, Promo Cash Carry etc. In general, Vengo Ltd. has more than 8000 customers.
Nonfood group Vengo Ltd. works in the Baltic States, Russia and EU markets and represents a lighter brand Cricket of the producer SWEDISH MATCH, offers matches, lighters, gas and petrol for filling of lighters, Hopson glue, STRELICIJA wipers of various producers.
Production (sunflower seeds FISHKA, POTEHA) of the producer Mercatus Nova Company is represented in the food group Vengo Ltd.
Vengo Ltd. has its own trademark FORM by using which gas and petrol of lighter is distributed, as well as its own trademark of matches SAFETY MATCH.